Jose Vegas is a Spanish photographer based in Bristol, UK, very interested in the human condition and its relationship with the environment. He focuses his work on people stories, documenting cultures and social issues.

He has travelled to Nepal to portrait indigenous communities to give us an insight from ancient cultures of the Himalayas. His series “Tamangs” was later exhibited at the OXO Tower Gallery in London in collaboration with P.A.S.E Worldwide to fundraise money towards promoting independent schooling and healthcare in several communities of Nepal following the earthquake that shook the country.

Jose has recently travelled to Rajasthan, India, where he was invited to a Kalbelia gypsy funeral where he was able to photograph the event. He is currently working in “Van Dwellers” project where he documents people living in the streets of Bristol.

His work is ultimately focused on motivating society to embrace change and adversity.

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